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The first solution to owning in Mauritius is to invest a minimum of $500,000 (428,000 euros), thanks to this you will get the permanent residence for you and your family. The second solution is to invest in a property of 6,000,000 Rs (150,000 euros), on the other hand you will be able to enjoy it only 6 months of the year, you will not be able to get the residence.

You will have the right to tax benefits such as: no double taxation with France, an exemption from the ISF on your property acquired in Mauritius, no tax on your rental income, no higher value, no housing and property taxes and a tax of 15 on your income.


Simply because your purchase will not cost you more than if you went directly through the promoter, our services are completely free.
We guarantee you a personalized follow-up throughout your purchase and installation.

Buy in Mauritius in peace
We support you in the administrative process
We are surrounded by specialized partners: Accountant, Notary, Lawyer ….
We’re here to interact with promoters
If you are abroad, we are here to represent you and inform you of the progress of the file
Most importantly, you have people you trust on the ground

Our 2020 programs

O’PATIO Cap Tamarin – From $97,650

With harmonious and green common areas, a secure parking lot and a place to store your bikes and surfboards, the O’Patio residence will be your practical and comfortable pied-à-terre on the west coast. Different types of apartments are available for purchase from Q2 to Q5.


In Tamarin, the AKASHA luxury villa real estate program is nestled in a magical location next to the Tamarina golf course at the entrance to Tamarin, in the west of Mauritius, bordered by the River of Remparts which gives access to the sea.


At the Bay of Cape Town in the south of Mauritius, the Anbalaba project offers you a magnificent villa with an area of 500 to 600 m2 on plots between 2000 and 3000 m2, Villas have 5 to 6 rooms and overlook the lagoon. Open to the outside through wide varangues and terraces, they allow you to enjoy at every moment the incredible setting in which they fit.


In Tamarin, a new programme available in 2021

The Views of the Rempart have 15 villas with refined services. They have a view of a still-preserved nature. Carefully designed, the intimately designed villas revolve around an impressive swimming pool. They stand out for their contemporaneity inscribed in the choice of noble materials


An active and ecological coastal village, the conditions are in place to allow safe travel on foot or by bicycle. These gentle modes of transport combine active lifestyle with ecological practices.


The CONSTELLATION project in Tamarin is a real estate program of 7 luxury villas all oriented with panoramic views of the sea, the Morne and the island of The Benitiers. An exceptional project for luxury villas.


Located on Fortier Island, a 1 km long private island hemmed in with white sand and a tropical lagoon, a magnificent panoramic view of the sea, in the very heart of a preserved natural sanctuary host to a fauna and flora
to Mauritius.


6 charming villas nestled in the heart of the Palmyra Estate, one of the most preserved estates on the island. Between sailor and land and right next to the fishing village of Tamarin, you will enjoy nature and water sports.