Understand the different types of programs in which you can invest in Mauritius as a foreigner.

In order to buy, a French or foreign taxpayer must invest under certain conditions and in real estate programs supervised by the Mauritian authorities.

We will explain in detail what these programs are and what are the constraints to become a homeowner in Mauritius.

There are 6 program schemes to buy in Mauritius: PDS, IRS, RES, HIS, R-2 and Smart City.

MAURICE INVEST works in partnership with all builders in western Mauritius and we can mentor you to invest in one of these programs.


In 2016, foreign direct investment (net of funds repatriated by non-residents and excluding offshore investments) reached 13.6 billion rupees (349 million euros), an increase of 40 . According to the Central Bank of Mauritius, residential real estate (mainly) remains very much in the lead with 73 of the total investments .

Investments for rental yield is growing more and more, why let your money sleep in the bank?? why invest in France or the state will tax up to 60 of your cash flow??
In Mauritius, once you have paid your 15, the other 85 belong to you, no property tax, no housing tax.


PDS Program: Property Development Scheme

Introduced in 2016.Simply put, the PDS programs bring together IRS and RES without land restrictions and without minimum prices as imposed on them.

Thanks to this investment scheme you can become an owner in Mauritius, you can buy a studio from 120,000 euros but that will not give you resident status, apartments or beautiful villas.

To access a permanent residence permit, the value of the property purchased must be greater than or equal to $375,000

IRS Program: Integrated Resort Scheme

The first scheme introduced by the Mauritian government in 2002, it is still in force for goods built before 2016.

It concerns villas and apartments that were built on a plot of land greater than or equal to 10 hectares and whose summer value is necessarily equal to or greater than $375,000.

It required a permanent resident’s permit.

RES Program: Real Estate Scheme

Second scheme put in place to allow the smaller project to see the light of day, it also concerns real estate before 2016.

Without a minimum purchase, it allows you to become a homeowner in Mauritius with or without a residence permit depending on the position of the investment.

R-2 Program: Rez-de-pavement – 2 floors

It must be part of a typical real estate complex: residence, building, comprising at least three levels (ground floor – 2 floors)

The land must be built in freehold which excludes the beachfront apartments

The apartments must cost a minimum of Rs 6,000,000 and does not give the title of permanent resident.

Smart City

Smart cities often fit into the improvement of an existing city like Tamarin for example.

This concerns villas and apartments that must be built on land greater than or equal to 10 hectares with certain mandatory developments, enhancing ecology and social infrastructure.

Senior Residence

Several self-contained and/or medicalized senior residences are born in Mauritius, it allows you to obtain a resident’s permit for life

Example: Freedom Hill in Cape Tamarin

TO KNOW about permits to live in Mauritius

If you get the title of resident you can live year-round and enjoy the Mauritian tax, if not to come and live 6 months of the year and rent the time of your absence.

Only 15 taxes, which will create additional income that will not be subject to double taxation thanks to the Franco-Mauritian agreement.

How to rent “ONE” property in Mauritius

In terms of long term or short term rental foreigners are free, they can rent any property and without minimum price.

The lease should not exceed 4 years for residential property and 20 years for industrial or commercial property.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a long-term rental in Mauritius

How to rent “SON” property in Mauritius

A foreigner can freely rent his property by renting it by himself or by entrusting it to a specialist like Maurice Invest to take care of it.

Revenues will be taxed in Mauritius and will depend on the Mauritian tax system of 15



An active and ecological coastal village, the conditions are in place to allow safe travel on foot or by bicycle. These gentle modes of transport combine active lifestyle with ecological practices.


In Tamarin, the AKASHA luxury villa real estate program is nestled in a magical location next to the Tamarina golf course at the entrance to Tamarin, in the west of Mauritius, bordered by the River of Remparts which gives access to the sea.




Views of the ramparts

In Tamarin, a new programme available in 2021

The Views of the Rempart have 15 villas with refined services. They have a view of a still-preserved nature. Carefully designed, the intimately designed villas revolve around an impressive swimming pool. They stand out for their contemporaneity inscribed in the choice of noble materials


At the Bay of Cape Town in the south of Mauritius, the Anbalaba project offers a magnificent villa with an area of 500 to 600 m2 on plots between 2000 and 3000 m2, the sumptuous Villas de Prestige d’Anbalaba have 5 to 6 rooms and overlook the lagoon. Open to the outside through wide varangues and terraces, they allow you to enjoy at every moment the incredible setting in which they fit.