Why choose Mauritius for retirement

Do you dream of retiring in the sun? Maurice Invest is helping you take the plunge!

Countries like Portugal and Spain for several years focused on pensioners promising a softer life with less expense attract many French nationals. Unfortunately, we must not forget that these countries are subject to European laws. The aim of the European Union is to standardise life in member countries. That is why in recent years we have noticed negative changes in these countries: price increases, bank transparency, large taxes, etc.

Have you always thought that retreating to a paradise island with white sand pages and turquoise lagoons is reserved for renters and wealthy people? Make no mistake, retirement in Mauritius is quite accessible.

You are over 50 years old, you want big changes and you can justify an income or a monthly annuity amounting to about 2000 euros (30,000Dollars / year)?

The Government of Mauritius welcomes you with open arms by granting you the “Retired” Resident Permit. This status does not allow you to work on what you need to do with your favourite business or to discover others.

As a pensioner subject to the general pension scheme who was an employee and contributed in France you have all the rights to go abroad and collect your pension. In addition, since January 1, 2018, retirees living outside the country can dematerialize the certificates of life that their plans require each year. This will make it easier for them to do so.

Expatriation to Mauritius

Returning to the wall age is not a reason to stop the movement, quite the contrary, active people have a longer life expectancy.

Why wait for time to pass?

You no longer work and your children are grown up, finally, you can give yourself time.

Regardless of your nationality or country of origin, the ease of expatriation to Mauritius can be explained by the warm welcome of the local population, which is of very diverse origin, but also by the official practice of the three languages: English, French and Creole.



The French-speaking expatriate community is very important. Drinks on the beach, evenings of meetings, hikes, boat trips and other activities are often organized on any island. You won’t feel alone!!!

The pleasant climate of Mauritius allows you to enjoy outdoor activities almost all year round.

Mauritian cuisine as well as its population is very colorful and offers a mix of Indian, Chinese, Creole, African and European flavours.

Browse our page inMauritius to discover more about this beautiful country.

The density of aerial connections makes it possible to use your retirement to travel and discover new horizons in Africa, the Middle East or Asia. The proximity of Reunion allows you to stay connected with France, enjoy its volcanic beauty totally different from Mauritius and benefit from all the French administrative and health services.

Mauritius, where economic growth is sustained and infrastructure is modernizing very rapidly. The health offer and the quality of care is now very satisfactory.

Moving to Mauritius with Maurice Invest

2020 is a great year of change and why not for you? With everything happening in France and Europe, more and more retirees are taking the plunge and leaving their cocoon for a new beginning into the unknown.

But for the dream of a better life in a faraway land not to turn into a nightmare, the departure must be long thought out and well prepared.

Whether you’re going alone or with your family, going abroad is not improvised. To avoid moments of panic at J-2 departure or unpleasant surprises once you arrive at your destination, well prepare for your expatriation is essential.

To plan your new life abroad, you will not only have to take a whole set of steps, but also familiarize yourself with the country of expatriation to limit the impact of the culture shock and facilitate your integration. Organizing the installation abroad, in its practicality, usually requires a few months of preparation.

It is important to learn about the living conditions in the host country. Expatriation can be expensive when it is not well lived, because you have to return prematurely. So a scouting trip is very important and Maurice Invest accompanies you every step of the way. You don’t go to a country just because you’ve read good things. Spending time immersing yourself in the heart of a country and not spending a holiday in a hotel is the first thing to do.

And possibly reverse his decision before it’s too late.

Increase your purchasing power

You can increase your purchasing power by investing in Mauritius.
The important points to be:
there is no double taxation.
15% tax on your rental income
No inheritance tax
No more worth in case of resale

Your investment will not make you lose money, with Maurice Invest Consulting, we are here to supervise you and secure your investments.
We can show you several types of purchases ranging from apartments from 150,000 euros to luxury villas of more than 3,000,000 euros.

We can do long-term or short-term rentals and a business case will be done before your investment.

Investing in a villa or apartment in Mauritius

If you are over 50 years old and you justify 2500 euro per month, you can apply for a retired licence. Thanks to this you can buy a luxury villa or an apartment from 150,000E

The Mauritian government is unlocking a lot of building permits to allow builders to offer new real estate programs of different standards, to encourage and encourage foreign investors to invest their money in Mauritius.
There are 6 investment programmes:
PDS Mauritius: Property Development Scheme
IRS Mauritius: Integrated Resort Scheme
RES Mauritius: Real Estate Scheme
HIS Mauritius: Integrated Hotel Scheme
Mauritius: ile it is a condominium apartment in a building with at least two floors.
Smart City Mauritius: City development program in the city as: Cape Tamarin
We help you identify the market and offer you the best inwestern Mauritius.
To begin with, we offer the various programs available on plan or for resale (or even below) and to see the whole: here
We can also offer long-term rentals.
We help you build a real estate wealth or we put your money wisely into real estate investments that will make you benefit from the Mauritian tax at 15%.
Tourism will not falter and tourists prefer to rent than sleep in a hotel, the problem is that it lacks rentals, we have investments with a rental yield between 4 and 10% in the short term.
We also are sorely lacking in long-term rental properties.
With Maurice Invest we are here to guide you in the choice of your real estate program and once chosen:
We calculate with you the costs (fees, tax, transfer between accounts at the best rate to save money)
If necessary, we help you with financing and financial transactions.
We help you get around the problems.
We supervise you from your arrival from the airport to your final installation (car rental, administrative,advice)
We are there to represent you and defend your interests.


In Tamarin, the AKASHA luxury villa real estate program is nestled in a magical location next to the Tamarina golf course at the entrance to Tamarin, in the west of Mauritius, bordered by the River of Remparts which gives access to the sea.




Cap Tamarin

An active and ecological coastal village, the conditions are in place to allow safe travel on foot or by bicycle. These gentle modes of transport combine active lifestyle with ecological practices.


At the Bay of Cape Town in the south of Mauritius, the Anbalaba project offers a magnificent villa with an area of 500 to 600 m2 on plots between 2000 and 3000 m2, the sumptuous Villas de Prestige d’Anbalaba have 5 to 6 rooms and overlook the lagoon. Open to the outside through wide varangues and terraces, they allow you to enjoy at every moment the incredible setting in which they fit.