INVESTIR in Mauritius

A foreign taxpayer has the opportunity to buy property in Mauritius but under certain conditions.

The first thing to know is that Mauritius is a “ETAT OF RIGHT”, which means that the country has a legal system that protects operations.

Investing in real estate in Mauritius can prove to be a very interesting investment:
– Buy from a PDS/IRS/RES/IHS/R-2 and Smart City real estate program
– Buy in a new or second hand program
– Buy a new villa or apartment
– Retiring

The non-double taxation treaty is in effect, it allows you not to be taxed for the same income in 2 countries. It is an agreement signed with more than 43 countries.
This means that if you make a real estate investment in Mauritius, you will then be taxed only to the island has author of 15 .

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In 2016, foreign direct investment (net of funds repatriated by non-residents and excluding offshore investments) reached 13.6 billion rupees (349 million euros), an increase of 40 . According to the Central Bank of Mauritius, residential real estate (mainly) remains very much in the lead with 73 of the total investments .

Investments for rental yield is growing more and more, why let your money sleep in the bank?? why invest in France or the state will tax up to 60 of your cash flow??
In Mauritius, once you have paid your 15, the other 85 belong to you, no property tax, no housing tax.


Why invest in Mauritius

If you are looking for safe and profitable investments or are looking to prepare your retirement to pass on a wealth to your loved ones, real estate investment appears to be a perfectly adapted solution and much less risky than in Europe.
Economic problems affect less real estate than other sectors.

The lights are green for real estate investment!
Don’t deprive yourself of it!


Area: 1,865 sq km.
Length: 65 kms Width: 48 kms.

Its tropical and subtropical climate remains mild all year round thanks to temperatures that vary between 16 degrees in the evening in winter and 34 degrees during the day in summer, with a constant of 25 degrees.


Halfway between Africa and Asia, with a French, English, Chinese, and Indian culture which gives a colorful melting buddy.
No official language, French is the common language, English is the administrative language but Creole remains the most spoken language by Mauritians.
The country has about 1.3 million people.


Two health systems:
– Free public sector (routine care, surgery and medicines)
– Private sector paying.
Doctors have often received training in Europe, clinics have very good equipment.

Why lose money in France

Apart from a mild tropical climate, a geography made up of volcanic mountains, plateaus, coastal plains, white sand beaches and lagoons with infinite turquoise shades, Mauritius is above all a sweet life or the fruit of your work you Belongs.

The island is also a signatory to several multilateral treaties and conventions ensuring the protection of foreign investors, the country offers them a dream environment where economic conditions are favourable:
– Lack of trade control
– Protecting the assets of foreigners
– Non-double taxation treaties under the OECD,
– Free zones and the provision of its free port to investors.

For a French taxpayer, investing in real estate in Mauritius represents a real opportunity today, even if it remains taxed in France, while taking advantage of Mauritian taxation.

Buy a luxury villa in Mauritius

The Mauritian government is unlocking many building permits to allow builders to offer new real estate programs of different standards, to encourage and encourage foreign investors to invest their money in Maurice.

The Mauritian government is unlocking many building permits to allow builders to offer new real estate programs of different standards, to encourage and encourage foreign investors to invest their money in Maurice.
There are 6 investment programmes:
PDS Mauritius: Property Development Scheme
IRS Mauritius: Integrated Resort Scheme
RES Mauritius: Real Estate Scheme
HIS Mauritius: Integrated Hotel Scheme
It is a condominium in a building with at least two floors
Smart City Mauritius: City development program in the city as: Cape Tamarin

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Diamond Estate

Established for more than 10 years in Mauritius with a solid experience of thirty years in the luxury products sector and high-end programs, especially in France.


The AKASHA luxury villa real estate program is nestled in a magical location near the Tamarina golf course at the entrance to Tamarin, in the west of Mauritius, bordered by the River of Rempart which gives access to the sea.

Cap Tamarin

An active and ecological coastal village, the conditions are in place to allow safe travel on foot or by bicycle. These gentle modes of transport combine active lifestyle with ecological practices.