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Want to change your life and start a new project?

Maurice Invest Consulting accompanies you at all stages of your expatriation whatever your reason: investment, retirement, purchase or lease of a property, administrative procedures or acquisition of a business.

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Why and how

Investing in Mauritius

Whether it’s for a real estate investment or a professional investment Maurice Invest Consulting is here to accompany you.
The functioning of Mauritius is different from other countries because it has kept track of the passages of the Dutch, French, English, Indian and African communities.
The government is clearly open and welcoming to international and innovative companies.

Even though the country offers a paradise setting, there are many pitfalls and we are there to prevent you from falling into it.

We work with the best promoters of the island live, we offer investments on plans, nine or second hands.

Mauritius is a stable, growing country with steady economic growth. Mauritius plays a central role in Indian Ocean affairs and positions itself as the “gateway” to investment in India and Africa.
Many global giants have set up their headquarters in Mauritius for attractive taxation and interesting labour.
The government is clearly open and welcoming to international and innovative companies.
It is important to know the rules before you even think about investing. You have to have a representative with a strong local network.

Pearl of the Indian Ocean


A pearl of the Indian Ocean, the island attracts travelers from all over the world who want to enjoy the heavenly beaches of white sand, lagoons with shades of endless blue and green.
Despite its small size of 60 km by 46 km but thanks to its atypical history, the island offers a cultural, religious and culinary diversity.

Each of its four corners will take you into a different world and dynamic.

  • The North: The most developed part of the island with its shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
  • The West: Will offer you the most beautiful sunsets in the world with its endless beaches and cosmopolitan dynamics. Historic site thanks to the Morne, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The South: Wild and untouched by tourism, will enchant you with its unique landscapes.
  • The East: With its typically local population, has managed to preserve the Mauritian spirit.
  • The Centre: The heart of business, it brings together the 5 most important cities (Beau Bassin-Rose Hill,Moka, Ebony,Quartes Bornes, Vacoas-Phoenix).

Wherever you are, Mauritius offers you an exceptional living and working environment.

Investment fund


We help you choose the one or investments that best fit your profile. We offer targeted investments based on risk and your needs, it can be a simple real estate purchase, taking shares in companies and up to the total buyout. There are many options and possibilities.

Investing in real estate

Reduce your taxes

Investing in companies

Short-term capital investment

Long-term capital investment

Passing on your wealth

Accessing calls for funds

We manage your investments

Stock market investment with 20 guaranteed


Take advantage of our advice

By working with us, you benefit from all our services and partners. We have set up a network of professionals, accountant, lawyer, notary, financial advisor in Mauritius and Europe.

We advised you on your investments, investments, for your retirement, for a mission or for a permanent installation.


Invest for its retarite in Mauritius. Whether it’s to live or invest your money, we’re here to advise you


Join us to discuss your professional project and know our business backgrounds for sale


We give you the benefit of our partners: car rental, water filtration, mosquito repellent system …..



We help and advise you through our network for the whole administartive part and for your steps.

A tailor-made search to find the good of your dreams…..


Among our properties available for rent or sale, you do not find your happiness?

Maurice Invest Consulting has another solution for you!

After studying all your criteria we start “The CHASSE” , an active and almost always productive search to find your new place of life.

We present the goods in preview and live at the moment of the find.

“Real Estate Hunter” is a concept that is not reverted to Mauritius unlike the rest of the world and consists of scrutinizing the streets and advertisements in order to find the right property for your search.

We only work for you

accessible to foreigners

Our new programs


Legend Hill offers 52 goods suspended between mountain and ocean. Entirely secured, the resort offers exceptional services for stays to be lived in the greatest of comforts. Majestic places to live with a spectacular view of the lagoon.


The 15 luxury villas with avant-garde architecture with clean lines. They have refined finishes.


New smart city 3.0 in Tamarin.Several investment choices are available to you and for all prices.


Luxury villa at Cape Bay in the south of Mauritius.Enjoy a quality know-how.


Senior residence 3.0 in the heart of Tamarin’s new smart city in the wilderness.


16 apartments in the
high-end finishes
assures you exclusivity, style
and generosity of spaces
in a privileged setting.


The O’patio residence is a mix of design, space and veggies, located in the heart of the Smart and Happy Village in Cape Tamarin.


6 villas located in the heart of tropical nature, nestled in the heart of one of the most preserved estates of the island.


Senior residence 3.0 in the heart of Tamarin’s new smart city in the wilderness.